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Speaking Truth to Power

  Interviews in English


127. 2023.09.13 - Why some doctors are taking a pay cut amid China's crackdown on medical corruption to stop 'red envelope' bribes, ABC AU News


126. 2023.08.27 - Xi Jinping caught in ’leadership crisis’ as economy tanks and property giant teeters on brink,

125. 2023.08.13 - While floods ravage northern China, people are wondering — where is President Xi Jinping?, ABC AU News


124. 2023.04.30 - China’s local governments stuck with bill for neighbourhood surveillance, Financial Times


123. 2023.03.07 - Recent protests point to 'sense of deprivation' gripping China, Pakistan Forward.


122. 2023.01.27 - Curious Washington Awaits Next Chinese Ambassador, Voice of America.


121. 2023.01.13 - Can China’s Billionaires Breathe A Sigh Of Relief In 2023? Forbes.

120. 2023.01.03 - China’s Tech Giants Brace for a New Era of Slower Growth, Bloomberg.

119. 2022.11.08 - Eyeing Global Food Crisis, Beijing Revives Elements of Planned Economy, Voice of America.

118. 2022.10.30 - EMPIRE OF DUST: How Xi Jinping’s brutal ‘Covid Zero’ crackdown has left China on brink of disaster & could lead to his downfall, The U.S. Sun.


117. 2022.10.22 - HOUSE OF THE DRAGON: Inside China’s cutthroat ‘Black Box’ elite where brutal Xi Jinping rules with an iron fist using executions & spies, The U.S. Sun.


116. 2022.10.21 - "Understanding the CCP Through Marxism-Leninism," The Hungarian Conservative


115. 2022.10.15 - The Truth Is Dying: The Epoch Times Rules the World, Times News Wire.

114. 2022.10.14 - XI'S WARNING: Chinese top cop sentenced to death after ‘wiretapping Xi Jinping’ as ‘paranoid’ leader sends message to opponents, The U.S. Sun


113. 2022.10.01 - The Prince: Searching for Xi Jinping, The Economist.

112. 2022.02.18 - Why Chinese Americans Are Talking About Eileen Gu, The New York Times.

111. 2022.02.12 - Wang Huning’s career reveals much about political change in China, The Economist.

110. 2022.01.11 - President Xi Jinping is set to extend his 10-year rule in 2022. This is how China has transformed under his reign, The Australia Broadcasting Corporation news. 


109. 2021.10.13 - The CCP is building the digital dystopia its critics warned about, By Disa


108. 2021.10.11 - Is another Cultural Revolution underway in China?


107. 2021.09.06 - The Chinese control revolution: the Maoist echoes of Xi’s power play, The Financial Times.


106. 2021.08.27 - Climate denial newspaper flourishes on Facebook By Scott Waldman, E&E News.


105. 2021.01.13 - MAGA-land’s Favorite Newspaper: How The Epoch Times became a pro-Trump propaganda machine in an age of plague and insurrection, The Atlantic.

104. 2021.01.10 - Biden-Xi Jinping relations will freeze further, The Apple Daily. 

103. 2020.12.04 - China's Landmark Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Mired in Power, Politics, Radio Free Asia.


102. 2020.09.03 - US Clamps Down on Chinese Diplomatic Exchanges as Students' Visas Revoked — Radio Free Asia (


101. 2020.08.05 - US Lawmakers Ask 6 Top Universities to Hand Over Records of Foreign Donations


100. 2020.07.30 - Scholar says Beijing eager to take Taiwan preemptively in case of conflict with US 


99. 2020.07.28 - What is China's world order for the 21st century? 


98. 2020.07.26 - The new round of diplomatic conflicts between the United States and China demonstrates the “new cold war” situation, and experts worry that the two countries may enter a “hot war” 


97. 2020.07.17 - China Continues to Battle Its Worst Flooding in Decades, Voice of America

96. 2020.02.22 - Academics Around the World Write to Xi Jinping: Give Freedom of Speech Back to the Chinese People


95. 2020.02.03 - Fighting the coronavirus outbreak, China has gone into full totalitarian mode


94. 2019.10.09 - A TRULY ‘FAKE NEWS MEDIA’


93. 2019.08.30 - Rights Groups Urge China to End Enforced Disappearances


92. 2019.08. 20 - Trump, QAnon and an impending judgment day: Behind the Facebook-fueled rise of The Epoch Times, NBC News


91. 2019.04.15 - Chinese Dissidents Remember Liberal Reformer Hu Yaobang


90. 2019.03.15 - Free Flow of Ideas Absent in China's 'Two Sessions,' Observers Say


89. 2018.12.07 - US, China Look to Limit Impact of Tech Head's Arrest


88. 2018.11.29 - Scholars: Taiwan's democratic elections informative to Chinese citizens regardless of results

87. 2018.11.11 - China Faces US Pressure to Contain Deadly Fentanyl Exports


86. 2018.11.08 - China Infiltrates American Campuses


85. 2018.09.19 - An Epoch Times photographer handed Trump a folder, he took it, and the White House isn't saying why


84. 2018.09.19 - White House reviews handing of folder to Donald Trump by photographer from pro-Falun Gong newspaper Epoch Times


83. 2018.09.18 - White House reviews incident involving Epoch Times photographer handing a folder to Trump


82. 2018.09.13 - When U.S. universities clash with China’s ‘sensitive content’

81. 2018.09.12 - Gauging China's 'Influence and Interference' in U.S. Higher Ed

80. 2018.09.12 - Tsultrim Gyatso appointed as new Chinese Liaison Officer at Office of Tibet, DC

79. 2018.09.09 - US Report Shows China’s Infringement on Academic Freedom on US College Campuses​

78. 2018.08.30 - Anastasya Lloyd-Damnjanovic: A Preliminary Study of PRC Political Influence and Interference Activities in American Higher Education

77. 2018.06.08 - Prominent dissidents jointly urge Beijing to embrace middle way Tibet solution

76. 2018.06.13 - China Looms Large Behind North Korea-US Summit: Analysts


75. 2018.06.07 - 67 Chinese intellectuals, experts and journalists express support for Middle Way Approach

74. 2018.05.30 - Prominent dissidents jointly urge Beijing to embrace middle way Tibet solution

73. 2018.05.30 - Call for Unity at Middle Way Conference

72. 2018.05.27 - First International Conference on Umaylam begins in Dharamsala

71. 2018.05.26 - First International Conference on Middle Way Approach begins​

70. 2018.03.02 -  BBC World Service: Xi Who Would be King


69. 2018.02.01 -  China's Orphaned Dissidents

68. 2018.02.18 - Representative of OOT Washington Successfully Concludes Official Visit to New York


67. 2017.12.11 -  Chinese intellectuals attend NYC commemoration of Dalai Lama Nobel Peace Award anniversary

66. 2017.11.10 - Scholars Share Support for Middle Way Approach to Tibet Issue

65. 2017.11.07 - Taiwan International Conference on Tibet Iterates Support for CTA’s Middle Way Approach

64. 2017.10.21 - Series of high-profile meetings follow the Five-Fifty Forum


63. 2017.10.17 - CTA President Launches Report on Cultural Genocide in Tibet, Participants in Discussion on Issue of Tibet

62. 2017.10.13 - 5th CTA Chinese Liaison Officers Meeting Underway in Dharamshala​

61. 2017.10.13 - Reaching out to Chinese masses of paramount importance: CTA President

60. 2017.10.12 - Chinese scholar says Tibetans must not lose hope on MWA

59. 2017.10.03 - A China Scholar's Rendezvous with Islam​

58. 2017.01.20 - China and the South China Sea:  Can the U.S. stop Chinese expansion? By Patrick Marshall, Congressional Quarterly Researcher.


57. 2016.04.13 - The Choice of an Intellectual in China, By Matthew RobertsonEpoch Times.

56. 2014.04.15 - After Bo Xilai Conviction, Mixed Legacy for Chongqing's Anti-mafia Campaign

55. 2013.09.19 - US Investigation Spotlights China's Princelings


54. 2013.04.24 - Dharamshala launch of ‘Tibet Burning’ issue of Seminar Journal - www_phayul_com.


53. 2013.01.24 - The Resurgence of China's Criminal Underworld: Assessment and Explanation . 


52. 2013.02.23 - The Future of Tibet, Saturday, February 23, 2013.


51. 2012.05.25 - Paper Slams 'Fake' Democracy, Radio Free Asia. 


50. Column Article in Diplomat: 2012.02.07 - Tibetans Burn Selves for Freedom


49. 2012.01.03 -   Topic: City University of New York Prof. Ming Xia shares insight into why China and Iran are becoming closer military allies , True News 


48. 2011.11.30 - China to Protect Iran Even if Result Starts World War III; What's the Best Way to Deal with Iran? Click  


47. 2011.09.16 - China’s Investment in EU Politically Charged, Say Experts  China News  Epoch Times


46. 2011.01.07 - Democracy Digest: Electing leaders without a territory Tibetan democracy in exile


45. 2010.11.15 - Chinese and Tibetan people share common aspirations during their visit to Dharamsala


44. 2010.08.23 - Wen's Speech Sparks Forum .


43.  2010.08.05 – Transcript Q & A with a co-producer of China's Unnatural Disaster, Professor Ming Xia .  


42. 2010.07.27 – Lead Poisons Yunnan Children .


41. 2010.05.23 - The Dalai Lama at Roosevelt House. Click to Watch Video:


40. 2010.05.23 – News: The Office of His Holiness The Dalai Lama: His Holiness the Dalai Lama in New York , NY - May 23, 2010.


39. Secret China - China’s Ban on a Documentary of the Sichuan Earthquake Will Not Silence the Outcry of Those Victimized by China's Government


38.  CUNY At The Oscars - Spring 2010 - CUNY


37. 2010.05.16 - Chinese People and Government Struggle Over Land Rights  (Asia, English), Voice of America News.


36. 2010.04.25 - CUNY professor braves quake-ravaged China for powerful movie on survival and policy , Daily News (New York).


35. 2010.03.08 - Leftovers from the Oscars’ red carpet - Pedro and the Watcher,The Orange County Register.


34. 2010.03.07 - 2010 Oscar Nominated Best Documentary – China’s Unnatural Disaster:The Tears of Sichuan Province,China Decoded .

33. 2010.03.04 - Prospect looms of a new Ming dynasty -SILive_com.  


32. 2010.03.01 - YouTube - China's Killer Schools .


31. 2010.02.17 - Warning as Unrest Grows .


30. 2010.02.08 - CSI Professor Is Up For An Oscar , Staten Island Advance. 


29. 2010.02.03 - Earthquake documentary up for Oscar ,Global Times.


28. "DOCUMENTING CHINA'S UNNATURAL DISASTER ," By Cathy Jedruczek, Nov. 9, 2009. Click here PDF File .

27. 2010.01.14 - Senior Chinese Justice Official to Stand Trial in Corruption Case,

26. 10.22.2009 - ABC News: Gang Crackdown, Lurid Mob Trials Transfix China by Henry Sanderson, The Associated Press (Click here:


25. 2009.09.08 - RTYC New York & New Jersey commemorates 49th Democracy day , Read Here.


24. 2009.08.11 - Tibet's culture is on the verge of extinction -Times Online, Read Here: (


23. Cathy Jedruczek, CUNY Radio Newsmakers, The College of Staten Island--Tears of Sichuan Province , July 9, 2009 (Listen).


22. China's Unnatural Disaster: Tears of Sichuan Province


21. 2009.05.05 -  TELEVISION REVIEWS: TV Review: China's Unnatural Disaster : The Tears of Sichuan Province, By Randee Dawn story.


20. 2009.05.06 - HBO’s China’s Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan Province by Lia Chang.


19. 2009.05.07 - 'China' Stuns With Power & the Pity: HBO Documentary Offers Piercing Insights Into '08 Quake's Aftermath, By Tom Shales, Washington Post, Thursday, May 7, 2009.


18.  2009.05.04 - CSI Prof coproduces HBO documentary, publishes online photo essay;  


17. 2009.05.05 - CSI professor co-produces HBO documentary on 2008 earthquake in rural China , by Anne Marie Calzolari, Tuesday May 05, 2009, 4:16 PM, Staten Island Live (

16. 2009.05.03 - China's Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan Province Airs on HBO, by Lia Chang, [ Email me ]  May 03, 2009


15. 2009.05.04: CSI Prof coproduces HBO documentary, publishes online photo essay (  and


14.  2007.12.29: Pasadena Star News, CA: “Falun Gong activists make appeals : Members seek resolutions from local cities against China,” By Dan Abendschein, Staff Writer, 12/29/2007. Download


13.      2007.02.05: The Associated Press: Paper Denies Representing Falun Gong, Monday, February 5, 2007; 3:58 AM, By NAHAL TOOSI


12.      2007.02.01: Associated Press: Newspaper Founded By Falun Gong Members Catching on in the U.S.


11.    2007.10.29: NewsInsight: China’s Rise or Fall?


10.   2006.11.18: Interview with New Delhi TV .   


9.      2006.10.16: The World according to Professor Xia , The Banner, the College of Staten Island newspaper.

8.   2006.06 - The Resurgence of Organized Crime in China (


7.      2005.01.22: Associated Press: NYC Chinese Communities Honor Zhao Ziyang.  Click.

6.      2005.05.13: The Resurgence of China's Criminal Underworld: Assessment and Explanations, by Ming Xia

5.     2004.11.20: Triads Could Overwhelm China's Local Governments , The Strait Times, Singapore 

4.  2003.12.01: International conference on China's agricultural issues .


3.   2003.11.17: The New York Times: Rat Poison: Murder Weapon of Choice in Rural China, Nov. 17, 2003, by Jim Yardley.

2.   2002.09.11: The New York Times: “A Group Seeks to Rescue Endangered Scholars ,” By KAREN W. ARENSON, September 11, 2002.


1.   2001.12.23: A Chinese Battle on U.S. Soil: Persecuted Group’s Campaign Catches Politicians in the Middle , San Jose Mercury News, Dec. 23, 2001, by Sarah Lubman.


  Interviews at Radio Free Asia


Aug. 14, 2023, China’s Xi absent amid continued natural disasters

Social media users share content contrasting Xi’s hands-off approach to public suffering with CCP past leaders.

Dec. 31, 2022, China's 2022: A year of lockdowns, protests and mass COVID-19 infections

The events of late 2022 dented Xi Jinping's personal power, putting a question mark over plans to boost the economy


Dec. 26, 2022, China gives up reporting COVID-19 figures as virus rips through population

Officials ban lines of hearses outside funeral homes, which remain under huge pressure

Dec. 22, 2022, Chinese tech giant starts drug-sharing platform amid COVID-induced medicine shortage

The shortages are linked to breakdowns in distribution and supply networks ravaged by the zero-COVID policy.

Dec. 08, 2022, China’s Youth League hints that easing COVID curbs were sparked by protests

But the backlash could prompt Xi Jinping to target opponents with a new anti-corruption drive

Nov. 11, 2022, Collateral damage and secondary victims: the social impact of zero-COVID

As China relaxes quarantine restrictions, the ruling party reaffirms its commitment to the zero-COVID policy.

Nov. 01, 2022, Specter of invasion of Taiwan looms over future of US-China ties: analysts

A recent ministerial phone call is part of managing a competitive, sometimes adversarial relationship, US says.

Oct 14, 2022, Chinese leader Xi Jinping's third term looks certain, but will he share power?
Xi has been preparing for total power and lifelong rule for the past decade, political commentators say.


Sep 23, 2022, Xi Jinping 'warns his opponents' with suspended death sentences to former top cops
The sentences handed to Sun Lijun and Fu Zhenghua send a strong message ahead of the party congress next month.

April 20, 2022,  Chinese police order residents to hand over passports 'until after the pandemic'

The order will likely be rolled out nationwide amid a surge in interest in overseas residency cards and passports.

Feb 03, 2022, Putin's trip to Beijing lends support to Olympics amid boycotts 

          Putin slammed the diplomatic boycott of the Games over Beijing's rights abuses in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong.


          Jan 24, 2022Two years after COVID-19 hit Wuhan, residents of Xi'an chafe under lockdown 

          Xi'an residents say that while the authorities claim the lockdown is over, they are still under tight restrictions.

2021.08.04, Chinese State Media Censor Images of Gold Medalists' Mao Badges  

The move sparks ire among Maoists and leftists back home in China, who believe Mao is a symbol of national pride.


2021-02-23, China's Call to Reboot US Ties Unlikely to be Answered: Analysts 

The Biden administration has signaled that there will be no major departure from Trump-era policy towards China.

2020-12-14, China's Landmark Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Mired in Power, Politics 

The outcome of the case brought by Zhou Xiaoxuan remains in doubt as a powerful elite continues to silence campaigning women, experts say.


2020-9-3 11:5 US Clamps Down on Chinese Diplomatic Exchanges as Students' Visas Revoked

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calls for an end ...

2019-5-17 15:44 China Blocks All Versions of Wikipedia Ahead of Massacre Anniversary

The ruling Chinese Communist Party is trying to ...

2018-10-25 15:6  China Replaces Head of Peking University With Communist Party Chief

The move comes amid the tightening of ideological ...

2018-10-18 12:32  China's Ruling Communist Party Wages Ideological War on University Campuses

The administration of President Xi Jinping is ...

2018-8-29 12:13 China's Ruling Party Orders Crackdown on Religion in Its Ranks

A new set of disciplinary rules also threatens ...

2018-7-6 11:58 China Wants to List Mao Zedong Mausoleum as World Heritage Site

The application will also list Tiananmen Square, ...


2018-6-14 11:49  Concerns Grow Over Chinese Political, Media Influence Far Beyond Its Borders

US senators are calling for a concerted strategy ...


2018-6-12 11:40 China Looms Large Behind North Korea-US Summit: Analysts

The ruling Chinese Communist Party is keen to see ...


2018-4-18 11:34 China Detains Founder, Members of Prisoner Support Chat Group

The detentions come amid a renewed crackdown on ...


2018-3-12 15:28: China's Parliament 'Votes' To Allow President to Rule Indefinitely

The rubber-stamp National People's Congress (NPC) ...

2018-2-28 10:55: Plan to End Presidential Term Limits Sparks Widespread Fear in China

Immigration consultants and overseas realtors ...

2018-2-26 11:29: China to End Presidential Term Limits, Enabling Indefinite Rule by President Xi

The move draws comparisons with the rule of ...

2018-2-14 12:25: China Indicts Former Chongqing Party Chief on Bribery Charges

Sun Zhengcai stands accused of bribery, but ...

2018-2-9 9:30: Chinese Businesswoman Allied to Former Premier Wen Jiabao Detained: Report

Duan Weihong’s detention could be part of a ...


2017-10-31 15:7: China's Universities, Officials Rush to Join Personality Cult Around President

Some 20 institutions of higher education have set ...

2017-10-4 12:27: Moon Festival Brings Scant Cheer to China's Dissidents, Lawyers

A Hong Kong activist goes on hunger strike in ...

2017-9-22 13:7: Trump to Visit China in Shadow of Pyongyang's Nuclear Threats

News of the visit comes amid reports that China's ...

2017-9-4 9:40: China Curbs Online Debate After Beijing Condemns North Korea's Nuclear Test

Residents of northeastern China report a massive ...

2017-8-30 15:25: Rights Groups, Victims' Families Call For Action Over China's Enforced Disappearances

Peaceful dissidents, lawyers and rights activists ...

2017-8-1 10:48: Still No Sign of Liu Xia, Weeks After Liu Xiaobo's Death

Activists say the authorities want her out of the ...

2017-7-7 13:18: Interview: 'A Rare Instance of a Tough Stance on Human Rights in China'

Germany-based columnist Su Yutong says the ...

2017-5-23 11:55: Chinese Student Apologizes For 'Fresh Air' And 'Freedom' Comments During Graduation Speech

Yang Shuping used air quality as a metaphor to ...


2017-5-15 12:33: China in Nationwide Security Crackdown During New Silk Road Forum

Businesses are being told to shut down during ...

2017-3-27 10:48: Scholar Banned From Leaving China Studied Crackdown on Rights Lawyers: Colleague

Feng Chongyi has also researched sensitive areas ...


2017-3-27, 10:48: Scholar Banned From Leaving China Studied Crackdown on Rights Lawyers: Colleague

Feng Chongyi has also researched sensitive areas ...


2017-1-13 12:49: China Hits Out at Tillerson Threats, Warns of 'Major War'

A newspaper with close ties to the ruling party ...


2017-1-3 13:5: China's President Xi Jinping Hits Out at 'Political Conspiracies' in Keynote Speech

Analysts say the speech reveals a strong sense of ...


2016-8-5 16:15: Xinjiang Regional Government Passes New Counterterrorism Law

Observers say the legislation is aimed at the ...


2016-5-25 13:55: Lifting of Vietnam Arms Ban Sparks War of Words in South China Sea

Analysts say Beijing may be tempted to pick on ...


2015-12-28 16:55: No Room at The Inn For China's Muslims as Terror Law Passed

Beijing expels a French journalist for suggesting ...


2015-10-20 14:13: China's President Gets Royal Reception in London Amid Criticism Over Human Rights

Rights activists hit out at Prime Minister David ...


2015-3-31 15:12: China's Judicial Reforms Won't Shake Party Hold on Courts: Experts

The moves are seen as a bid to stem the tide of ...


2014-10-22 17:50: China Executed More Than 2,000 People Last Year: Rights Group

A similar number is expected next year as death ...


2014-8-25 12:55: China's Executions 'Won't Solve Tensions' in Xinjiang: Analysts

The executions are linked to a jeep attack on ...


2014-5-26 13:10: China Announces Amnesty For Militants Amid Calls For Policy Change

Anyone involved in "terror attacks" has 30 days ...


2014-5-7 12:20: 'Terrorism' in China Linked to Hard-Line Policy on Dissent: Analysts

China says it was the target of 10 'terrorist ...


2014-1-23 19:5: China Offshore Revelations Could Be 'Tip of The Iceberg'

A report details companies owned by the relatives ...


2013-12-25 16:29: Chinese Communist Party Treads Fine Line Over Mao's Legacy

Mao is used by many as political capital, but can ...


2013-9-27 12:30: Party Paper Rules Out Internet Freedoms in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

China's state media says recent talk of ...


2013-9-2 13:40: Top Level Graft Probe in China Could Point to Bo Xilai's Mentor

The investigation of a former top oil executive ...

2013-6-7 11:31: Prisoners' Relatives Call for Reform Ahead of US-China Talks

The pressure comes as Obama and Xi prepare to ...


2013-3-11 18:45: Land Clashes Spring From 'Colonial' Spread of Cities

A bitter dispute over farmland in Guangdong ...


2012-11-5 13:45: Reforms Unlikely Despite Calls

China experts see continuing political ...


2012-10-5 12:10: Internal Tensions Fuel Dispute

Nationalist protests over China's island row with ...


2012-10-1 15:1: Junior Bo Tries to Cushion Blow

The son of ousted Chinese politician Bo Xilai ...


2012-9-20 15:45: Bo Could Face Criminal Charges

The former Chongqing Party boss is alluded to for ...


2012-9-13 13:45: Drills Spur Nationalist Fervor

Beijing stages live-fire military games amid ...


2012-5-25 13:5: Paper Slams 'Fake' Democracy

China responds to the U.S.'s annual human rights ...


2012-5-21 11:40: Treason Trial for Ex-Police Chief

Political moves point to factional strife ahead ...


2012-4-25 12:17: Lawsuit Over Canceled Statue

A U.S. sculptor says the Taiwanese government ...


2012-1-16 15:37: Chinese Envious of Taiwan's Democracy

Netizens in China seek greater debate after ...


2012-1-4 17:9: Beijing Rejects Death Claims

The denial comes amid criticism over violence ...


2011-11-9 17:18: Officials to Get 'Moral Training'

The Chinese Communist Party's move comes amid a ...


2011-1-18 17:37: Tibetan Democracy Moves Forward, Faces Challenges

Tibet's exile community will elect a new prime ...

2010-12-13 15:50: Activists Slam Nobel Crackdown

Chinese rights activists speak out about the ...


2010-10-20 13:17: More Strikes To Hit China

A labor rights group warns that more unrest is ...


2010-8-23 15:27: Wen's Speech Sparks Forum

Chinese netizens meet to discuss a speech on ...


2010-7-27 11:33: Lead Poisons Yunnan Children

More cases are expected as children are sickened ...


2010-3-29 14:14: Lawyer 'Alive,' Says Friend

The friend of a missing Chinese rights lawyer ...


2010-3-8 10:13: Doubts On Reform Pledges

China's premier promises a more open society, but ...


2010-2-17 12:23: Warning as Unrest Grows

China's central government tells local ...


2009-11-9 11:55: House Steps Up Rights Pressure

U.S. legislators raise rights issues ahead of ...

  Interview in French


9. 2022.10.30 - Comment la répression brutale de « Covid Zero » de Xi Jinping a laissé la Chine au bord du désastre et pourrait conduire à sa chute, News-24 Fr.


8. 2022.10.18 - Un policier chinois condamné à mort après avoir “mis sur écoute Xi Jinping” alors que le dirigeant “paranoïaque” envoie un message aux opposants, News-24 Fr.

7. 2022.01.19 - Les JO de Pékin ont matérialisé la nouvelle guerre froide, L'Express (


6. 2021.09.15 - Le Parti communiste chinois va-t-il réellement virer à gauche ? - L'Express (




4. 2019.08.16 - La Chine hésite à franchir le Rubicon

3. 2019.05.25 - Mundo Segundo Xi Jinping (2018) - Documentário


2. 2018.06.07 - 67 intellectuels, experts et journalistes chinois expriment leur soutien à l’approche de la voie médiane

1. 2009.12.30 - Spécial Chine:  Gangsters, prostituées et trafiquants d'armes, actualité Société , Le Point. English Translation .

  Interview in Danish     

1.  2009.03.14 - Peter Harmsen, Det parlamentariske (skue)spil, Weekendavisen (

  Interview in Japanese

13. 2021.08.26 - 「みんなで豊かに」習近平提唱の新目標に怯える大企業と富裕層


12. 2020.09.10 -  暗黒の中国、豪メディア記者2人「脱出」の異常事態.

11. 2018.11.09 - 中国外貨準備高、3カ月連続減少「元安阻止のための資金が不足」=専門家


10. 2018.10.01 - 教科書改訂で毛沢東の文革再評価、習政権の狙い(日経ビジネスからの転載です)

9. 2018.03.26 - 中国軍内で「習主席語録」を発行。超法規的「個人崇拝強化」 

8. 2018.01.22 - スカボロー礁周辺に米海軍駆逐艦、中国外交部が反発

7. 2018.01.21 - 米国市場で相次ぐ中国締め出し…中国側は「保護主義」を非難

6. 2018.01.16 - ファーウェイの米国でのスマホ販売計画が頓挫、中国は保護主義を非難

5. 2017.03.06 - 分析 トランプ大統領の態度が一転 「一つの中国」容認の理由は(1)


4. 2016.03.25 - 中国系ビジネスマン、米軍技術データを盗み中国に渡す


3. 2016.11.16 -  中国の習主席、トランプ米次期大統領と早期会談で一致

2. 2012.01.13 - 中国次期指導者 「大学生の思想統制強化」  - YouTube

1. 2006.05.21 - 歴史を還元、文革40週年国際シンポジウム、ニューヨークで開催

  Interview in Tibetan

2. 2021.05.11 - རྒྱ་གར་དང་རྒྱ་ནག་ནང་ཏོག་དབྱིབས་ནད་ཡམས་ཁྱབ་གདལ་སྐབས་ཀྱི་གནས་སྟངས། India and China during Covid crisis

1. 2012.12.28 - Chinese Scholars and the Self-Immolations in Tibet YouTube

  Interview in Korean

13. 2021.09.21 - '제2 마오쩌둥' 꿈꾸는 시진핑…문화대혁명 그림자 스멀스멀

12. 2021.05.13 - 응급차는 병원 아닌 장례식장 갔다, 수상한 中고교생 추락사

11. 2020.08.01 - 수재민 5000만명 넘었는데… 시진핑 두 달째 현장 안 찾아[글로벌 포커스]  

10. 2020.03.02 - 中, ‘코로나19’ 아직 끝나지 않았는데 벌써 공치사하나

9. 2018.06.21 - 中 학자, “미·중 무역전쟁 해법? 중국 의지에 달렸다”

8. 2018.02.12 -  중국 밖 지식인들 “개헌, 독재로 돌아선 것”

7. 2018.03.05 - 시진핑 사상 명문화·임기 제한 삭제…‘시황제 절대권력’ 굳힌다

6. 2018.02.28 - 中, 시진핑 종신집권 본격화…검열 강화와 불만 진화 작업 중


5. 2018.02.27 - '시진핑 장기집권 반대' 공개성명 봇물…"황제 야심, 재앙 초래"


4. 2018.02.26 - “개헌 통한 장기집권 추진, ‘시진핑 책사’ 왕후닝 작품”


3. 2018.02.18 -  덩샤오핑 21주기…시진핑과 ‘같고도 다른 점’은?

2. 2013.04 - 天安門 사태 시위 참가했던 샤밍(夏明) 뉴욕시립대 교수의 중국 민주화가능성 진단

1. 2018.01.15 -  천안문 3인방, 北반체제 작가의 美출판회 모인다


  Interview in Italian


         1. 2021.09.08 - L’eco maoista nella strategia di potenza della Cina di Xi

  Interview in Turkey

3. 2022.10.22 - Çin’in boğazı kesilmiş ‘Kara Kutu’ seçkinleri içinde, acımasız Xi Jinping’in infazlar ve casuslar kullanarak demir yumrukla yönettiği yer


2. 2022.10.16 - Çinli üst düzey polis, ‘paranoyak’ lider muhaliflere mesaj gönderdiği için ‘Xi Jinping’i dinledikten’ sonra ölüme mahkum edildiHaber Seansı


1. 2022.02.19 - Eileen Gu: Çok başarılı bir 'hain', Haber Global.



  Interview in Spanish


3. 2022.10.22 - Dentro de la élite despiadada de la ‘Caja Negra’ de China, donde el brutal Xi Jinping gobierna con mano de hierro usando ejecuciones y espías, by Awisco Mokabe, Noticias 


2. 2022.10.18 - Alto policía chino sentenciado a muerte después de ‘escuchar el teléfono de Xi Jinping’ mientras el líder ‘paranoico’ envía un mensaje a los opositores


1. 2022.02.17 - El ideólogo de la nueva China, La Vanguardia.



  Interview in German


3. 2023.03.03 - Wang Huning: Denker hinter Chinas Herrscher,, PDF


2. 2022.10.18 - Chinesischer Spitzenpolizist zum Tode verurteilt, nachdem er Xi Jinping „abgehört“ hat, da ein „paranoider“ Anführer eine Nachricht an die Gegner sendet

1. 2022.05. 03 - Chinesische Polizei fordert Einwohner auf, ihre Pässe „bis nach der Pandemie“ abzugeben 


  Interview in Polish

       1. 2022.10.14 - Sternik chińskiego odrodzenia. "Uosabia wszystkie zagrożenia, jakie stanowi coraz bardziej autorytarna partia" 

  Interview in Dutch


          1. 2022.10.22 - De meedogenloze Xi van China maakte ‘Keizer voor het Leven’ met een ongekende derde termijn



  Interview in Indonesian


         1. 2023.08.16 - Xi Jinping-Biden Dirujak Warga Gegara 'Menghilang' saat Heboh Bencana, CNN Indonesia


  Interview in Portuguese

1. 2020. 09.05 - Secretário de Estado dos EUA, Mike Pompeo, pede o fim dos Institutos Confúcio da China nos câmpus americanos

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